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The Importance of Fluoride in Maintaining Dental Health - Alexandria, VA

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Fluoride is a natural-occurring mineral which helps in the prevention of tooth decay. It blocks off the cavities by making the teeth stronger than before so the teeth will become more resistant to acid attacks and bacteria from plaques. Acid attacks erode the tooth enamel and break down the tooth structure making the teeth more prone to dental cavities. Mount Vernon Dental Smiles offers Fluoride Applications to repair the damaged tooth and strengthen the teeth structure.

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Three Ways How Fluoride Contributes to a Better Oral Health

Fluoride is an active agent in the Remineralization ProcessRemineralization is the process of putting back the lost nutrients of the teeth. It is a natural repair process that helps in slowing down the rate of cavity formation. It is the counterpart of acquiring tooth decay; Instead of losing nutrients, which is called demineralization, the damaged area is healed.When fluoride attaches to the teeth, it attracts minerals such as calcium and phosphate which plays a vital role in remineralizing the teeth. These minerals make the teeth stronger and acid resistant.Fluoride helps in Preventing Tooth DecayFluoride replaces the lost minerals of the teeth. During the process, a new type of tooth mineral is made which is harder and more resistant to wearing down the original tooth. The common mineral content found in the tooth are the hydroxyapatite and carbonated hydroxyapatite while the new mineral created is called the fluorapatite. The original tooth mineral content can withstand 5.5 pH level of Acid; meanwhile the fluorapatite, which is more acid resistant can withstand a ph of 4.5 until it dissolves away.Fluoride has inhibitory effects to the bacteria in the mouth.Aside from repairing the teeth and reducing the chance of having tooth decay, Fluoride has antibacterial components which help in fighting the bacteria which causes decay and damage. Plaques, being a tooth enemy also contains fluoride which came from the food substances that were not cleaned thoroughly. Fluoride in Over-the-counter-products prevents the reproduction of the bacteria in the tooth surface as well. The products that the dentists prescribe also includes a fluoride level that prevents the acids produced by the bacteria in the mouth that would result in dental cavities.

Where to Get Fluoride for Teeth Strengthening?

  • Check whether the community water has a Fluoride content
  • Use Fluoridated Toothpaste when brushing the teeth
  • Use mouthwash that contains fluoride
  • Visit the dentist for Professional Fluoride Applications
  • Consume nutritious foods which are rich in Fluoride

Fluoride Applications strengthens the tooth structure and surface and aids in fighting the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. For best results, a patient must still maintain and practice regular and proper dental hygiene.Get healthy and cavity-free teeth through Fluoride Applications in Alexandria, VA! Contact us to book your appointment with Mount Vernon Dental Smiles.

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