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Tooth Fillings in Alexandria, Virginia

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Tooth Fillings

Here at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles, we are committed to making sure your dental experience is comfortable, personalized and affordable. We are part of a trusted Alexandria tradition of dental excellence, offering state-of-the-art general dentistry services.

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Traditional dental restoratives, or fillings, can be made from gold, porcelain or composite.

Newer dental fillings include ceramic and plastic compounds that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. These compounds, often called composite resins, are typically used on the front teeth where a natural appearance is important. There are two different kinds of fillings: direct and indirect. Direct fillings are fillings placed directly into a prepared cavity in a single visit. Indirect fillings generally require two or more visits. These fillings include inlays and veneers fabricated with ceramics or composites.

Our Dental Amenities

Flat Screen TVs
in Patient Rooms

Flat-Screen TVs

Pass the time during treatment!

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Relaxing Music

Relaxing Music

We find that music helps our patients relax.

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Beverage Bar

Beverage Bar

Enjoy something to drink while you wait.

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Blankets and Pillows

Blankets and Pillows

A little extra comfort during your treatment.

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Free New Patient Consultation

The first step in any procedure is to do a full examination of your teeth and mouth and then review with you the options to give you a beautiful smile. Many cosmetic procedures can be done without cutting or with minimal preparation — and affordably, and yet make a tremendous difference to your smile.

Mount Vernon Dental Smiles offers a special New Patient Consultation to evaluate your teeth and gums and show you the ways you can improve your smile. We can take pictures of your teeth and — using cosmetic imaging software — manipulate them to show you how your smile would look using different procedures.

To make an appointment, call (703) 688-8383 or request an appointment online.

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