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Dental Night Guards

Night guard for Bruxism

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can cause damage to your teeth and can result in other oral complications. Oftentimes, teeth grinding occurs during sleep when you can’t control what your teeth are doing. Chronic teeth grinding can result in:

  • Wearing down of teeth
  • Fracturing, loosening or loss of teeth
  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Hearing loss
  • Change of facial appearance (in extreme cases)

If you grind your teeth often or notice that you have a sore jaw or dull, constant headache, you might want to talk to your us about bruxism. If the dentist determines that you are affected by bruxism, then we may provide you with a fitted night guard to protect your teeth from grinding during sleep. We want your teeth to remain whole and healthy for your entire life.

Free New Patient Consultation

The first step in any procedure is to do a full examination of your teeth and mouth and then review with you the different options to give you a beautiful smile. Many cosmetic procedures can be done without cutting or with minimal preparation — and affordably, and yet make a tremendous difference to your smile.

Mount Vernon Dental Smiles offers a special New Patient Consultation to evaluate your teeth and gums and show you different ways you can improve your smile. We can take pictures of your teeth and — using cosmetic imaging software — manipulate them to show you how your smile would look using different procedures.
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"Wonderful customer service from the moment I walked in the door! My hygienist was great, and Dr. Miller was thorough, and very informative about my mouth! LOL! This is where I will be taking care of ALL my dental needs!"

Kristien D.

"Dr. Miller and his staff are top notch. I had a relaxed and pain-free visit yesterday. Thank you Dr. Miller, Wongel, Victoria, Safa, Shana and others. This was the most pleasant experience I've ever had with a dentist."

Joan S.

"The best dentist, dental staff and administrative staff! If you need a great dentist, Dr. Miller's office is the one to go to!"

Eileen J.
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