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The Amazing Benefits of Traditional Braces

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People are already familiar with metal braces; however, not everyone finds the approach favorable. Metal braces are considered as the traditional way to straighten teeth. Since it is already available before modern orthodontics, it was not the most visually pleasant and comfortable when compared to the newer options. Nowadays, metal braces are designed to be smaller to offer better aesthetics and comfort. To convince everyone that metal braces are not as bad as they think, here is a list of its benefits we at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles prepared.


Prevent cavitiesThe key to avoiding the adverse effects of cavities is to treat them early. Fortunately, braces help prevent cavities from worsening or forming in the first place by spacing out the teeth for better cleaning. Reaching the spaces in between the teeth is essential to keep the structures healthy and long-lasting.Prevent injuriesProtruding upper teeth are especially vulnerable during accidents that can happen when playing sports, car crashes, or falling accidentally. Since braces can correct this particular dental concern, it reduces a patient’s risk of injury.Help correct proportionsFortunately, braces can do more than just correct the alignment of the teeth; it also helps the jaw and lips look more proportionate for a person's face.Assists with digestionMisaligned teeth make it hard for a person to cut foods into small pieces—yet another reason to have the teeth straightened. With braces, patients can properly cut foods which makes it easier for their stomach to digest.Prevent bone erosionMisaligned teeth may lead to bone loss over time. This happens when bacteria starts to eat away the bone tissues. Fortunately, this is not a problem after having the teeth straightened with braces since it realigns the teeth for easier and effective bacteria removal.Improved self-esteemAside from the health benefits of braces, know that it also helps a patient feel better about themselves by correcting the dental issues that have been bothering them. By adjusting the alignment of their teeth, they can gain the confidence they need to smile to their heart’s content.Corrects speechMisaligned teeth can affect how the sound comes out when a person is speaking. If left unattended, it can be hard for them to pronounce certain words or even cause them to lisp. Having the teeth straightened helps people speak clearly and more confidently.Get healthy and cavity-free teeth! Consider having your teeth straightened with our Orthodontic offers in Alexandria, VA which includes Invisalign and Traditional Braces. Contact us at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles to schedule your appointment.

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