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Your Ultimate Guide to Traditional Braces in Alexandria, VA

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Traditional braces are an orthodontic braces treatment that is considered to be the most reliable among the other types of braces. It does straighten not only the teeth and smile but also fixes even the most extreme bite issues. Although the advancement in the field of dentistry makes orthodontics to innovate newer orthodontic braces options, still traditional or metal braces remains in demand because of its so many advantages regarding effectiveness and cost.

patient wearing traditional braces

We at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles provides Traditional Braces treatment for patients who want to improve their smiles through straightening and aligning their teeth. Today, metal braces are made smaller and less bulky when compared to traditional braces before. The number one downside of traditional braces is that sometimes, it affects the physical appearance of the person wearing them. However, Mount Vernon Dental Smiles make sure that patients will no longer have to worry about this concern. Instead, we ensure that our patients will have a more satisfying braced-face experience by effectively furnishing their smiles without the hassles!Traditional braces are comprised of different materials; each has their functions. Understanding traditional braces before opting for them will make the whole orthodontic procedure run smoothly. Here are basic but useful pieces of information that one needs to know about metal or traditional braces:

What Made Up Traditional Braces

Brackets. Brackets are small, square-shaped metal or ceramic pieces, attached to the orthodontic band and glued to the tooth surface using a special adhesive. It holds the archwire in place. It has small hooks that are used to fasten the rubber bands.Metal Bands. Metal bands are made up of stainless steel metal that wraps around the tooth and is placed in the posterior part of the mouth. It is pasted to the surface of the tooth with the use of special dental cement. It is durable enough and is less likely to become loose. Archwires. The archwire is responsible for repositioning and aligning the teeth. Sometimes, the archwire is replaced with the heavier wire during each braces adjustments for greater teeth movement. It is made of metal connected to the brackets surrounding the teeth.Elastic Hooks and Rubber Bands. Elastic hooks are used for the attachment of rubber bands, helping the teeth move to their final position. Rubber bands are a small and stretchy loop of latex attached to the tiny elastic hoops to create an additional force for the movement of the teeth.Ligature. Ligatures are tiny elastic bands used to attach the wire to the brackets. It comes with varieties of color and is replaced during every orthodontic braces adjustment.

Braces Style Guide

Pick for the pigment. For a person with fair skin tone, reds, oranges, and yellow will look best on the skin. However, for those who have the darker skin tone, purple, turquoise, and navy are better. Make teeth look whiter. Darker color makes the teeth look whiter while lighter colors yellow the teeth. When picking lighter colors, be sure to mix it with brighter ones for contrast. Avoid choosing all white ligatures as it might create a yellow illusion to the smile. Also, a steer clear of clear braces can show everything including the leftover food particles.Add a little flair. Wearing traditional braces could be fun by choosing fancy designs and ligatures such as glow-in-the-dark rubber bands!A professional dentist can only offer reliable traditional braces. Beware of the DIY braces fads. Aside from being an ineffective treatment, it also has a lot of hazards on the teeth. It is always best to seek an orthodontist for any orthodontic needs.The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for Orthodontic Treatments in Alexandria, VA, visit us at 8101 Hinson Farm Road #216, Alexandria, VA 22306 and schedule an appointment at Mount Vernon Dental Smiles. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.

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